Upcoming Meetings:

Bytown District Council's General meeting will be held in May 27th, 2020 at a venue to be determined.

Here are the dates for the Bytown District (District B) council meetings for the 2019 season.  Our meeting are held monthly on the 4th Monday of each month as follows:

Date                       Hosted by                                     Location

August 27th           Canterbury HA                                     TBD

September 24th    OCMHA                                                TBD

October 21st        OEMHA                                                TBD

November 25th     SEMHA                                                TBD

January 27th         WEHL                                                   TBD

February 24th       OWGK                                                   TBD

March 23rd           OSMHA                                                 TBD

April 27th              JR 67's                                                   TBD

May 25th (AGM)   District council                                       TBD